India Association of Terre Haute was founded in 1969 by less than a dozen families with the initiative of Late Dr. Narsi Patel to foster cultural identity that it has preserved while flourishing well in the American society. The current community comprises about 110 families representing most states of India and duplicating the cultural diversity found back home. Our vibrant community is privileged with more than fifty physicians in every specialty, about ten Pharmacists, Professors, Business owners, nurses, lawyers and practitioners from almost every field of life.

Central to our engagement with the Terre Haute community is Taste of India, something every American in Terre Haute looks forward to. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised and donated to local charities in the past 51 years through Taste of India. We gather to celebrate Holi, Eid-ul-Fitr, Diwali, Picnics, Navratri, and Christmas to keep our rich heritage alive for ourselves and our children. We might speak different languages and eat different food at home, but when it comes to celebrating an Indian festival- our unity in diversity recreates a mini India at the Crossroads of America. Our rich culture and diversity has always been respected and cherished by community-driven institutions like Indiana State University and Indiana University where several classes, seminars and performances are held every year to give the local community a glimpse of India, and India Association members are actively involved in such activities.

With the passage of time we have grown in number, seen births, weddings, retirements, and successes. A few founder souls have already left us in body but continue to be with us in spirit and memories. India Association is the result of the hard work of many immigrants and the collective dreams of many pioneers to provide a platform where we Indians keep our roots alive and draw inspiration and support for generations to come.